If you love Jazz, you will enjoy listening to the CMJ Jazz Band.  They are a dynamic, creative, and exciting group of musicians who love musical freedom, and enjoy delivering it in a way that people can relate to.  These four men, led by their bass player, Coo Moe Jhee, are quickly taking audiences by storm with their ability to fuse elements of Jazz, Funk, Fusion, and Hip Hop together in a seamless manner that appeals to the intellect and satisfies the appetite of the soul.  Their repertoire covers a vast array of material delivered by renowned artists such as Charlie ParkerJohn ColtraneMiles DavisGrover Washington Jr., Mike Stern, Jaco Pastorius, Gil Evans, Herbie Hancock, to name a few.  But what makes them so exciting and unique is their ability to fuse the music from these different genres and time frames into a multi-generational amalgamation of composite truths.  As Joe Lisa the Musical Director, Lead Guitarist and Violinist in the band says "this music is all connected and comes from a common place" and the band treats it that way.

Catch these guys soon.  You will surely enjoy them.  When you see them, I will assure you, you will have an enjoyable experience and an appetite for more.




To contact us for more information or bookings, please call us, use Facebook or send us an email.

(Phone: 323-521-4907, FB:  Coo Moe Jhee, cmjjazzband@gmail.com)



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